Our mission is to improve the Ethiopian Health Care System by providing the very best in medical gas pipeline equipment technology and post installation services. 

Founded in 2002 AAMED originally functioned as a third-party producer for one of the world's top leading medical gas pipeline manufacturers. During this time AAMED successfully manufactured a substantial amount of medical architectural equipment which today can be found in health care facilities across North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Coincidently, while operating under the guidance and supervision of a well-established and experienced manufacturer AAMED was able to develop a deep and mature understanding of the regulatory standards that govern the production of medical gas products and related accessories.


In 2008 AAMED decided to rebrand its image and fully engaged itself in developing a strategy that will aid hospitals to streamline the procurement and planning process involved in the implementation of medical gas distribution systems. AAMED now proudly offers a complete turnkey solution to any health care facility wishing to construct, upgrade, or redesign, a new or preexisting medical gas pipeline. In direct partnership with Amico Corporation and EMGS AAMED has been able to continually offer a wide assortment of medical gas products and services to health care facilities worldwide.


Currently, AAMED has focused its resources in assisting African hospitals with less than favorable medical gas working conditions. When possible, AAMED’s assignment will be to promote and instill North American medical gas standards (NFPA 99 & CSA) where the need is most apparent. 


Operating out of two locations (Toronto, Canada and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) has allowed AAMED to maintain the integrity of its North American supply chain while fulfilling the need of the African market for an experienced post sales medical gas service provider. 



Projects under construction

St Paul’s Millennium Medical College

Gulele Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Project Details: 

Supply, Installation and Commissioning and Testing of Medical Oxygen Generating Plants, Medical Air Generating Plant, Medical Vacuum Plant, Medical Oxygen Cylinders, Medical Pipe Systems, and Ventilation System supported with proper Training and Certification. 


Equipment Details (in the patient room): 


11 OR Dual Mount, Dual Arm Pendants 

14 VIP Panel Walls 

17 NPR Double Tier Horizontal Headwall System 

14 NICU Unit 

18 ICU Double Tier Horizontal Headwall System

10 Pre Op & Recovery Room 

410 Normal Wards


All equipped with medical oxygen, medical air, and vacuum gas services, electrical outlets, flowmeters, regulators, equipment accessory rails, and lighting system. 


Equipment Details (mechincal room) 


Medical Air Compressor System:
Quadraplex Oil-less Scroll Air Compressors
Including Dual Desiccant Dryer Package
With CO and Dew Point Monitors
Skid Mounted Stacking Configuration
1060 Gallon Painted Vertical ASME Air Receiver
Quad Pro IEC Series Touch Screen Control Panel
with Circuit Breaker Disconnects
20 HP, 380V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase


Medical Vacuum System:
Quadraplex Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Skid Mounted Stacking Configuration
1060 Gallon Painted Vertical ASME Tank
Quadraplex Pro IEC Touch Screen Control Panel
with Circuit Breaker Disconnects

10 HP, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase


Dual Oxygen Generating &  Cylinder Filling Plant

Oxygen Output: 4000 scfh @ 45 psig (combined)

113.2 Nm3/hr @ 310 kPa (combined)

Cylinder Capacity:  100 cylinders per day (6m3 “K” size cylinders)

Armed Force Referral Hospital 

Bishoftu (Debre Zeyit) Ethiopia 

Project Details: 

the Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Training, Supply of Spare Parts for 2 /two/ years, Operation Follow-up & technical support for 1 (one) year after installation & commissioning, And Preventive/Corrective maintenance services for 1 (one) year after installation and commissioning 


Equipment Details:

150 m3/day newterra MicroClear® MEMBRANE BIOREACTOR
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM including all the necessary civil works



Summary of System Features

  • System is compact and will meet effluent quality for irrigation or surface discharge. The MBR process typically operates at mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations in the range of 8,000 to 12,000 mg/L, which is substantially greater than conventional activated sludge processes. The increased MLSS concentration allows for conventional organic loading rates to be achieved with much lower hydraulic residence times. Compression of the wastewater treatment process into a single stage process results in an overall plant footprint substantially smaller than that of conventional tertiary wastewater treatment plants. Additionally, the compact footprint allows for the expansion of plant capacity within existing conventional plant basins in many instances.
  • System is very low maintenance, with all wetted materials being non corrosive. Coated carbon steel is not used in the system as the coatings eventually break down and corrosion occurs
  • MBR systems are generally odor free, other than areas where raw sewage enters the system. For those areas, newterra uses a positive ventilation system with odor control system
  • housed in ISO containers with enhanced external coating for long life. All equipment is inside for maximum protection against the elements
  • The entire system can be assembled on site within a day. Hookup of external piping may take longer depending on the site construction schedule
  • Entire system is prefabricated. It is fully assembled and tested at the factory before shipment. 
  • System is fully automatic, self monitoring with internal alarms with external alarms (email or text) available
  • Aeration system is typically clog free under normal operation and maintenance
  •  Screening is all included with the system
  • Sludge treatment will be to 15%-20% by automatic volute with trolley
  • Water storage will be an external tank 75 m3
  • Workshop is provided with shelves for spares and test equipment
  • System may be operated with on site technical staff
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