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MBR technology addresses a wide range of wastewater treatment applications where high quality effluent is required, either to meet regulatory requirements or for reuse. MBR technology targets Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Bacteria, Total Coliforms, Ammonia, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus.
MBR technology also eliminates many pharmaceuticals from the waste stream, which is a growing concern for natural habitats and drinking water. 


Scalable, cost-effective solutions for development projects and existing wastewater treatment plant




Greenfield & Retrofit Projects
Existing Infrastructure Tie-ins
Municipal WWTPs

Temporary or Interim Sewage Facilities
New Residential Developments
Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants
Off-Grid & Remote Municipal Plants
New Commercial Developments



Each phase can be sized to match the current need. The plant will run better and the customer will be able to more closely match capital and operating expense with cash available from the devleopment.



Clear3 MBR Facilities uses advanced MBR treatment technology which allow us to meet the requirements in all jurisdictions. Clean water effluent is ready for most Reuse applications with no further treatment. Our MBR’s operate close to housing receptors with no Odor or Noise issues.



When fully costed, equipment costs for Modular Facilities is typically less than individually purchased and on site installed equipment.


But even more impact-full,  all the costs around the equipment are less. Civil costs, labor, commissioning, quality are all higher quality and lower cost.

On site work schedule does not depend on weather, and costs are reduced for labor housing, travel etc. All software and instrumentation is fully debugged before shipment, eliminating a lengthy pre-start process.


Safety has a big advantage when the work is done in a climate controlled, well organized facility with minimized field work. This all leads to lower total costs for the project, without giving up most of the benefits of on site construction design.

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