Medical Gas System Consulting & Design 


  • Preliminary site assessment on new or existing facilities 
  • Verification of code and standard compliance on new installations, system design, expansion and maintenance, and risk mitigation
  • Preparation of mechanical drawings (CAD Mapping) in compliance with relevant standards


All site visits performed by accredited ASSE 6000 Series Medical Gas System specialists

Equipment Supply, Installation & Training 


Turnkey supply, installation, & training on all major medical gas services and equipment: 


  1. Medical Air Compressors, Oxygen Generators, & Vacuum Systems  
  2. Medical Grade Piping and Fittings
  3. Alarms Systems
  4. Zone Valves
  5. Gas Outlets
  6. Gas Control Panels
  7. Manifolds
  8. Ceiling Columns, Power Columns, Booms & Pendants 
  9. Architectural Systems 


All site installations and training are performed by accredited ASSE 6000 Series Medical Gas System specialists 



Preventative Maintenance and Repair


Having a preventative maintenance plan in place is critical to maintaining a problem free work environment


A planned maintenance program will:


  • Keep medical gas systems in optimal working condition
  • Eliminate and reduce facility shut down caused by equipment failures, leaks, and emergency repairs
  • Ensure maintenance and repair records are retained for the life of the system


Major areas of inspection:


  • Source Equipment (Medical Air Compressors, Medical Vacuum Pumps, Oxygen Generators and Oxygen Filling Stations)
  • Medical Gas Pipeline
  • Medical Gas Alarms and Valves
  • Medical Gas Manifolds
  • Bed Head Units and Gas Outlets 


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